The piñon (or pinyon, or pinion) pine group grows in the southwestern United States and in Mexico. Our piñon firewood comes from the Indian Head Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico. In this area, the species of piñon is the pinus edulis or the Colorado Piñon, often called New Mexico Piñon. The pinus edulis is the state tree of New Mexico and is known for its aromatic fragrance and its piñon nuts. The edible seeds, pine nuts, are extensively collected throughout its range; in many areas, the seed harvest rights are owned by Native American tribes, for whom the species is of immense cultural and economic importance. High-quality New Mexico piñon is rare because it only grows at 5,500 to 7,500 feet elevation and most of the population of high-quality piñon trees in New Mexico have been devastated due to drought and bark beetle attack.

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