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    A real wood-burning fire is a great way to set yourself apart. But if you already burn fires you probably have only been using typical oak firewood. What you find is that oak makes for a big mess to clean up, it burns with a lot of smoke, and worst of all it makes your customers smell awful!

    If you want your wood-burning fires to be something that actually attracts customers to your venue, try piñon firewood. Not only will it make for less of a mess to clean up and have less smoke, your customers will actually like the way they smell after being around the fire!

    Let the smell of piñon firewood fill the air. You’ll see the difference and so will your customers.

    Don’t forget, piñon firewood REPELS MOSQUITOES!

    So if you are looking for a solution to an insect or mosquito problem. Give piñon firewood a try. It will do the job with just a few logs while making the place smell great at the same time!

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